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In Costa Rica, the academic sector, and especially public universities, is the one that invests the most in scientific research.  The UCR is the largest and oldest of the state universities in the country; it stands out as the institution that makes the most research at the national level in all the areas of knowledge: Engineering, Sciences, Letters, Arts, Social Sciences, Health, and Agro-food Sciences.

From its beginning, this institution established research as one of the fundamental pillars, together with teaching and social action, through which it gives its most significant contribution to the development of the country, by forming resources, generating and transferring knowledge, solving problems, providing innovation and entrepreneurship.

The UCR -- through its programs, projects, centers, institutes, experimental stations, special laboratories, farms and other protected areas -- develops both basic and applied scientific research.

In order to accomplish this, it devotes a good share of its budget to the construction and equipping of the infrastructure needed to do quality research with excellence, using the most modern techniques and methodologies.  In addition, it also devotes part of its budget to finance many projects every year.  This task is also financed with special funds of its own and with foreign contributions.

Since 1988, the Institution created the UCR Foundation for Research (Fundevi) that supports research management, especially in those activities that generate profits.

Part of the generation of knowledge in the UCR is achieved through 50 specialized journals that have emerged with the development and growth of this labor intensive university task; these journals can now be consulted in the Portal of Institutional Journals.

In addition to all this and in order to continue its contribution to the country, the Institution has created the University Agency for Entrepreneurial Management (Auge), which has become the largest business incubator and accelerator of the country, supporting business ideas from students, professors, researchers, graduates, and others.

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