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Resources and Services for Students

The University of Costa Rica offers the students a wide variety of services and resources. Through these services, the University seeks to complement the student’s formation process, development and college experience. Some of these services available to students are:

  • The Office of Orientation, part of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs, accompanies the students during their admission process, first year, permanence and graduation at the University of Costa Rica.

    This office seeks to create growth opportunities for the students through projects and services according to their needs, in coordination with the Academic Units and other offices of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs.

    For more information call 2511-1970 or visit its facilities located  by the north side of the main campus Dining Center and at different locations throughout Rodrigo Facio Campus, in San Pedro (see map yellow markers), as well as at the offices located in the Regional Campuses and Branch Campuses of the University.

  • The Scholarship and Socioeconomic Assistance Program is intended for students with limited financial resources, and for those who stand out for academic excellence or participate in certain areas of institutional interest. The purpose of this program is to help students during their course of studies until they graduate.

  • The Office of the Student Ombudsperson (DEFEU, for its abbreviation in Spanish) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University of Costa Rica students’ rights.

    It is an autonomous, non-partisan body serving undergraduate and graduate students from all the University’s Campuses.

    The DEFEU offers dialogue-oriented counseling and agreement resolutions between students and the Administration, complying with the institutional regulations. It addresses complaints related to order and discipline, handles plagiarism cases, and student academic procedures such as grades and tests claims, disputes between faculty and students, scholarship and additional benefits applications, and course load justification.

    For further information consult the Office of the Student Ombudsperson, call 2511-1975, 2511-5523 or write to or .

  • The Libraries, Information and Documentation System (SIBDI, for its abbreviation in Spanish) offers the University community a range of on-site and online services in order to stimulate creativity in scientific work and promote the assimilation, transformation and generation of knowledge.

    Some of the services offered by the SIBDI are the lending and returning of bibliographic materials; meeting rooms, auditorium and audiovisual equipment loan; photocopying service, map library, projection and hearing of audio and visual material.

    It also provides access to SIBDI databases, reference databases, and full-text databases, as well as internet access, advisory on the development of audiovisual material, cataloging in publication for the editorial and academic units of the UCR, and guidance in the preparation of bibliographic references and citations.

    The SIBDI also features the Accessible Libraries for All Program that offers special services for disabled users, such as documents digitization, Braille printing, digital format documents location, assistive technology loan, Braille printed materials loan, and additional equipment and technical aids loan.

  • With over 5300 copies of exclusively Costa Rican production, the University Bookstore offers a wide range of books in all genres and related to the fields of study of the institution.

    The store is located south of the Saprissa building in San Pedro, Montes de Oca, and there are tables and chairs available for reading inside. The bookstore also offers a layaway program with small payments and long-term installments, as well as a catalog and an online shopping system for local and international customers.

    Additionally, the bookstore offers local authors and the university community in general, an auditorium with a seating capacity for 30 people for book presentations or panel discussions and workshops.

  • The Student Mobility Section of the Office of International Affairs and External Cooperation has agreements with various foreign universities to promote a bilateral exchange of undergraduate, graduate and independent students.

    These activities take place within the framework of the agreements that the University has established with other educational institutions around the world. The students might also be benefited from the opportunities offered by a possible call for programs.


  • The Information Technology Center (CI, for its abbreviation in Spanish) provides computing services to the students of the University of Costa Rica on telephone, networks, equipment, support and consultancy.

    Telephone service is provided through the network 2511-0000.

    The CI offers the University community wireless internet service, and helps with the configuration of equipment for internet access through the Wireless Network AURI3, and CLARA Network, the Latin American Cooperation System of Advanced Networks for Science, Education and Innovation, that interconnects academic networks in more than 10 countries in the region and join them to other similar networks in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

    The Information Technology Center also offers those interested, an institutional account to access different services such as the institutional electronic mail, the calendar of activities and the SIBDI databases.

    The CI has additional services like 3D Scanner, videoconferencing and streaming, as well as free software, tools and systems training, available to the University community.

    Additionally, the UCR Cisco Networking Academy, provides the necessary abilities in communication technologies and networks through the online learning system (e-learning) and specialized practice laboratories.

    The courses are held at the modern facilities of the CATTECU building, located 200 m East and 450 m North of the San Pedro de Montes de Oca Church.  Modules are also offered at Liberia Regional Campus and electronic certification exams are applied.

    For more information visit the UCR Cisco Networking Academy, call 2511-1825 or write to .

  • The Office of Wellness and Health from the Vice-Rectory of Student Affairs provides medical services such as general medical and gynecological attention, nursing and psychological care, and emergency attention calling 2511-4911, including ambulance service for patients’ assessment and transfer. It also offers the students the opportunity to join the Student Social Security.

    Through its Clinical Laboratory, the Office of Health and Wellness provides clinical laboratory services to the University community including hematology, immunology, clinical chemistry, bacteriology, parasitology and urinalysis. It also offers different health screening packages to control sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, prostate disorders, menopause, thyroid problems, pregnancy or presurgery complications, among others.

    The Faculty of Dentistry offers dental services to the general public, including diagnosis, x-rays, periodontal and endodontic treatments, exodontia, surgery, tooth restoration and fixed prosthetics (crowns and bridges).

    The School of Nutrition offers courses, workshops, lectures and other educational activities to promote healthy lifestyles. Through its University Program on Education and Nutritional Care (PREANU, for its abbreviation in Spanish), the School proposes and implements educational methodologies and individual and group nutrition counseling services. This program has nutrition clinics specializing in Pediatrics and Adolescent, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Digestive Disorders care. It also offers programs such as "Lose weight eating healthy foods", "Nursing mothers counseling" and "Traveling Nutrition Classroom".

    The Psychological Counseling and Community Outreach Center (CAP, for its abbreviation in Spanish), part of the School of Psychology, provides individual, family or group psychological counseling, offering the Costa Rican community and residents the opportunity to care for their psychosocial needs with the help of students and professionals of the University of Costa Rica. This service is offered to the different age groups (children, adolescents and adults), based on a previous socioeconomic status measurement.

  • Addressing Sexual harassment claims

    The University of Costa Rica maintains a zero tolerance sexual harassment policy, confirmed through regulations that protect the University community. To achieve this, the University has specialized personnel who handle queries, complaints and denouncements. An interdisciplinary team is available to support the victims legally and psychologically.

    Sexual harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, occurring once or several times, causing detrimental effects on the victim.

    Men and women who provide or receive any service to or from the University of Costa Rica, such as students, faculty, administrative, or research staff, special or free courses’ students, seniors citizens and projects staff may file any complaints before the Institutional Commission against Sexual Harassment, which follows the cases and inquiries with absolute confidentiality.

    This Commission also attends people who receive services from the University or use its facilities within the campus such as the participants in the Sports Programs, Music Programs, Child Care Centers, Experimental Stations, University Community Service, extension teaching courses, research projects, among others.

    For additional information contact the Institutional Commission against Sexual Harassment at 2511-4898 or write to .

  • Assigned to the Department of Health and Welfare, part of the Vice-Rectory of Student Affairs, this unit seeks to promote, encourage and assist on the integral formation of the University community through Representative Sport, Recreation, and Artistic Practice.

    The Representative Sport Area offers Minor League programs in disciplines like fencing, judo, karate, swimming and taekwondo. It also offers talent developing in chess, male and female soccer, swimming and taekwondo; and fencing, judo, karate-do and masters swimming Sports Clubs.

    The Recreation Area offers yoga, personal defense, archery, jujitsu, mountaineering, rugby, aerobic choreography, taekwondo, swimming, tennis and aquatic therapy classes. Additionally, the Recreation Area manages the University Fitness Center, open to students, staff, alumni and the general public. It is located on the premises of the Saprissa building in San Pedro, Montes de Oca, and  weights, aerobics, and stationary cycling classes are offered, among other fitness activities.  For more information call 2511-4192.

    The Artistic Practice Area seeks to get students to participate in university art groups, as folk dances, contemporary ballet, contemporary dance and Hip Hop-Funk.
    For more information on registering for the Sports, Recreational and Artistic Programs, call 2511-4129 or visit the facilities located in front of Carlos Monge Alfaro Library, Old Saprissa Building.

  • The University of Costa Rica offers the university community and residents of Montes de Oca and Goicoechea, a sports complex with large green spaces and optimum facilities to practice various sports such as swimming, athletics, volleyball, basketball, tennis and softball. This space also includes the iconic Ecological Stadium, home of University of Costa Rica Soccer Club.

    The Ecological Stadium has a natural grass field and a synthetic athletic track that allow high performance athletes to train. The stadium is surrounded by trees and vegetation that protect the public from the sun.

    To facilitate access, the institution provides an internal shuttle bus that transports users from Rodrigo Facio Campus to the Sports Complex, stopping by the Research Complex and vice versa.

    For more information on using the Sports Facilities call the Office of Health and Wellness at 2511-2940.

  • The School of Modern Languages​​ offers English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and German courses for people over 18 years of age, (14 years old and older for Japanese courses), bimonthly (10 weeks) or quarterly (13 weeks). At the end of the program or level (varies by language), the student receives a certificate of achievement.

    Application process is done at the House of Languages ​​located 50 meters north of the Faculty of Law, an old light blue house accessible through the Rodrigo Facio Campus. For more information visit Conversational Courses Program or call 2511-8415 (Faculty of Letters), 2511-1952 (House of Languages), or write to .

  • These courses are aimed at students and active staff of the University of Costa Rica, and provides an opportunity to learn and improve English communication skills at different levels: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, high and advanced intermediate. There are elective courses as well.

    The program is taught for the academic and administrative areas of Arts and Letters, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, Agri-food Sciences, Engineering and Administrative Staff. Each course lasts 10 weeks, for a total of approximately 3 years for the entire program. At the end of each module the students receive a certificate for having met the course requirements.

    Courses are taught at a two story house in front of the Faculty of Medicine, next to Geotecnologías, in San Pedro, Montes de Oca.

    For more information call 2511-8449, or visit English by Areas, or InglesxareasUCR on Facebook, or write to .

  • The Confucius Institute of the University of Costa Rica is in charge of the Program for Dissemination of the Chinese Culture, which offers Mandarin and Chinese culture courses to the general public, under the international certification HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) issued by the Chinese Confucius Institute.

    Regular courses are taught biannually and basic, intermediate and advanced levels are offered. Each level consists of four courses, for a total of 12 courses the entire program.

    When the student completes each level, he or she will receive a certificate from the Vice Rectory for Social Outreach of the University of Costa Rica.

    The Institute also offers short courses (five week long), including practical Chinese for beginners, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese cooking and tai chi.

    For more information visit the Confucius Institute, call 2511-6870 or write to .

  • The Office of Financial Management (OAF, for its abbreviation in Spanish) provides financial services like certified accounting and budget control. For this purpose, teller stations are available to the University community on the first floor of the Administrative Building A at the Rodrigo Facio Campus as well as at the Regional Campuses. Users can pay there for their tuition, for certified statements, copies of the academic records, and admission or sufficiency tests.

    The Office also allows students online viewing of fees and pending tuition payments.

  • The Bank of Costa Rica offers the University community a range of financial services such as savings options, current accounts and credit options. The Bank of Costa Rica Branch is located on the first floor of Administrative Building A at the Rodrigo Facio Campus. For additional information call 2253-5239.

  • The School of Statistics has a Statistical Services Unit offering free consulting to staff and students from public universities of the country. Private consulting is available for the general public.

    Some of the services offered by this Unit include survey design, sample size calculation, data collection instruments development, and data processing and analysis.

    The Unit’s main tasks include organizing the biannual Conference on Data Analysis and relevant surveys as the Consumer Confidence Index (ICC, for its abbreviation in Spanish).

  • The Office of General Services (OSG, for its abbreviation in Spanish) manages contracted services such as security and surveillance, institutional and students photocopying, multifunctional equipment renting, fumigation, cleaning and catering.

    It also offers the University community the Institutional Postal Service (SIC, for its abbreviation in Spanish), transporting mail to and from Regional Campuses, Branch Campuses and Experimental Stations. Mail may include regular internal and external correspondence, special external correspondence, international and national certificates, parcels and other services.

  • Child care centers are located at the different campuses of the University of Costa Rica and they are part of the Institutional Comprehensive University Care Program for children under 6 years, of the Vice Rectory of Social Outreach.

    The program seeks to contribute to children's skills and potential development to help integrate creative, free, caring and social responsible children since preschool.

    The University of Costa Rica Child Care Centers are:

  • At the Línea U Store, the Office of Communication and Information (ODI, for its abbreviation in Spanish) offers promotional products designed under the principles of the new graphic line of the University of Costa Rica.

    The store is located on the first floor of the General Studies Building, and sells blouses, shirts, University of Costa Rica Soccer Club t-shirts, bags, caps, hats, pens, mugs, stickers, key chains, mouse pads, lunch boxes and much more.
    For more information email , visit Tienda Línea U on Facebook or call 2511-4070.

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