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Office of Orientation

The Office of Orientation, part of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs, accompanies the students during their admission process, their first year, their permanence and graduation from the University of Costa Rica.

This office seeks to create growth opportunities for the students through projects and services according to their needs, in coordination with the Academic Units and other offices of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs.

The four main working areas of the Office of Orientation are: Accessibility, Personal Development, Academic Development and Occupational Development. Through these areas, the Office of Orientation seeks accessibility and the strengthening of personal, academic, vocational and occupational potentialities of the student population.

For more information on the Office of Orientation and its services call 2511-1970 or visit its facilities located  by the north side of the main campus Dining Center and at different locations throughout Rodrigo Facio Campus, in San Pedro (see map yellow markers), as well as at the offices located in the Regional Campuses and Branch Campuses of the University.

Operating Units of the Office of Orientation
The Office of Orientation is organized under a decentralized work model which has four operating units: CASE, COVO, CASED y CIU.  

  • The Student Advisory Centers (CASE, for its abbreviation in Spanish) are operating units responsible for the design, organization, provision and evaluation of services and projects to accompany the student during their university training. These centers are located at different academic areas of the University of Costa Rica: General Studies, Basic Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Letters, Health, Agro industries, and Social Sciences. The centers work with interdisciplinary teams comprised of professionals in Psychology, Orientation and Social Work and in close coordination with the Academic Units and student organizations in their field of ​​action.

    Among other services, the Basic Sciences and Letters CASE organize study groups for Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and languages courses. It is a space for academic exchange where advanced students act as facilitators. For further information call 2511-5083 (Basic Sciences) and 2511-8404 (Letters).

    The General Studies CASE promotes the Tesineros, which are working groups where advanced students of Philology and Spanish Teaching interact and advise Humanities I and II students. This space is intended to favor the student’s academic performance while making their final projects. For more details dial 2511-6347.

  • The Vocational - Occupational Orientation Center (COVO, for its abbreviation in Spanish) provides services and develops projects aimed at pre-college students and students of the University of Costa Rica who are in the process of choosing or changing majors, and joining the work force for the first time. To do this, the Computerized Vocational Orientation System (SOVI, for its abbreviation in Spanish) is used. It has information about the majors offered at the Institution in the different Campuses and Branch Campuses. Some factors influencing career choices, exercises and helpful links for the selection process are also presented.

    The COVO also provides information on aptitude tests required to enter some majors such as Music, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Architecture, Dentistry and Civil Navy.

    The COVO also offers the Student Employment Intermediation System, that is a website technology platform that facilitates a direct link between employers and graduates or advanced students of the University of Costa Rica.

    ostado norte del Comedor Estudiantil en la Sede Rodrigo Facio. Para mayor información, llamar al 2511-1960 o escribir a

  • The Center of Counseling and Services for Students with Disabilities (CASED, for its abbreviation in Spanish) promotes the necessary support to ensure access and equal opportunities to the student population with visual impairment, attention deficit disorder, special learning conditions, emotional conditions, difficulties in the process of communication, or physical disabilities.

    The center implements projects, support services, information and training aimed to the university community through an interdisciplinary team and in coordination with intra and extramural entities.

  • The University Childcare Center (CIU, for its abbreviation in Spanish) offers child care service for student parents with a family, social or economic situation, that makes difficult for them to take care of their children while attending academic activities.

    Students requiring this service must apply by the stipulated dates before or during the beginning of every school term. They are also required to attend a previously scheduled interview and complete the form.

    The University Childcare Center is located in Barrio González Flores, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, 600 meters East and 50 meters North of the Faculty of Education.

    Office hours are Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm. For more information call 2511-5302 or 2511-5989 or write to .

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