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Student Life

Students are the essence of the Universidad de Costa Rica, an Institution financed by the State that has the largest academic offer of the country, hosting over 38 thousand students in all its campuses.

University life, in addition to the academic spaces, is surrounded by multiple options for recreation, the practice of sports, entertainment, exhibits, art performances that students can attend without spending too much.

The University also has sports, recreational and artistic programs, representation groups and programs like volunteerism and leadership that encourage the student to get involved both inside and outside of the university community, thus strengthening their human development.

Our student community comes from different parts of the country, since the UCR has an admission process and a scholarship system that allows any national or foreign applicant to enter the Institution based on their academic merits. Therefore, the aisles, gardens, classrooms, and restaurants become interactive spaces for students from different disciplines and origins. This heterogeneity is what allows students, during their academic years, to expand their intellectual horizon and grow both culturally and professionally.

The university campus has different green areas where students can spend some idle time, or even, during the dry season, get their lessons outdoors is the course allows for it.  An internal bus system facilitates the transportation to the different properties of the Rodrigo Facio Campus, and the external transportation service provides the means to go to different areas of the Great Metropolitan Area.

The students also have access to wireless internet, a library system with access for disabled people, heath services, student insurance, vocational guidance, academic support and a student defense office which ease their journey through the Alma Mater.

The government structure in the university takes into account the voice and vote of the students in all its decision-making entities, through a democratic structure on top of which they have the Federation of Students of the University of Costa Rica (FEUCR), widely recognized in the country by its actions and solidarity with the most important struggles of the civil society.



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