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Campuses and Sites


The presence of the University of Costa Rica throughout the national territory has been achieved by the operation of regional campuses and sites under the Office of the University President.

The regional campuses are higher education alternatives that were created in several of the country’s regions in order to democratize higher education and promote a comprehensive transformation of the Costa Rican society for the common good.

The following campus offer academic activities in different regions of the country.

  • This campus on the west is located in San Ramon de Alajuela, 59 km from San Jose. It was founded in April 1968 and is the most developed regional campus of the University of Costa Rica. It houses over 2820 students. The campus has two sites, one in San Ramon and one in Grecia.

  • This campus is located in the city of Turrialba, 67 km from San Jose, in the Atlantic area of the country. It was founded on August 22, 1971. It currently carries out its activities in the towns of Siquirres, Guapiles, and Paraiso de Cartago. It has an average population of 1687 students. This has sites in Turrialba, Paraiso, and Guapiles.

  • Located in the city of Liberia 220 Km away from the capital, this campus was founded in January 1972. At present it offers to its 1612 students all the socio-economic attention services as the main campus and an important wealth of academic options. The campus has sites in Liberia and Santa Cruz.

  • This campus is located at the Port of Limon, 168 km away from the capital city and was founded in April 1975 as a decentralized higher education service. It became a regional campus in 1979. Today, it has 1045 students.

  • This campus on the Pacific is located in the port city of Puntarenas, 113 km away from San Jose. It was founded in 1975, as a decentralized university service and became a regional campus in December 1992. This campus has become an important development factor for this fishing region. It currently has very modern facilities to house an average of 939 students. This campus has two sites: one in Puntarenas and another in Golfito.

  • Sede Interuniversitaria de Alajuela

    The Alajuela Inter-college campus is an academic interuniversity exchange space. That is, the four state universities (the Universidad de Costa Rica, the Universidad Nacional, the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, and the Universidad Estatal a Distancia) offer majors according to the needs and interests of the province of Alajuela. It has an average of 577 students.

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