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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to get into the UCR?
To enter our university you must register to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test which is applied every year during March and April. Registration can be done online. The test is applied in September and in person. Once you know your admission score you may apply for a major and enroll to start lessons the following year.
How can I practice for the Admission Test or the Scholastic Aptitude Test?
The Institute for Psychological Research (IIP, for its acronym in Spanish) is responsible for conducting the admission test every year. On their website there is an online practice and some tips that might be consulted at
What is the procedure to apply for a scholarship at the UCR?
The University of Costa Rica as a state higher education institution grants scholarships to students that can not afford the tuition fees because of their socioeconomic status. Find information on how to apply for a scholarship at
What majors are offered at the University of Costa Rica?
Search for information about our academic programs offering in all campuses going to the main menu and clicking on Students: majors. This section also includes information on every major’s curriculum.
Where can I find the Graduate Studies Program?
Explore our Graduate Studies System (SEP, for its acronym in Spanish) for a list of the University of Costa Rica’s Graduate Studies Program that includes doctoral and master’s degrees and specializations in a wide range of areas.
What is the procedure for the UCR to recognize foreign qualifications?
The Office of Recognition and Comparability of degrees and diplomas (ORE, for its acronym in Spanish) part of the National Council of Rectors (Conare, for its acronym in Spanish) is responsible for this procedure. You can find the information on their website.
What should I do to spend a semester at the UCR if I am a foreign student?
You may visit the website of the Office of International Affairs (OAICE, for its acronym in Spanish) and see the options for internships at our university, or you can write to .
Does the University of Costa Rica recognize the General Studies offered by the Distance State University (UNED, for its acronym in Spanish)?
Yes, you can take general studies courses in the UNED and they will be recognized by the UCR, but you will be required to retake the Scholastic Aptitude Test to be admitted to the UCR. You will need to compete with your better grade, or try to improve your grade and compete again the following year.
When must the tuition be paid at the UCR?
Tuition payment deadlines are shown at under the Calendar menu.
How much does a semester at the UCR cost?
If the student does not have a scholarship, the cost per credit for an undergraduate Costarican student is 13 625 colones. The maximum amount to be paid is 12 credits (163 500 colones). Tuition costs for resident, foreign, undergraduate and graduate students are detailed at
When do semesters start and end at the UCR?
The first semester or I Course starts in March and ends in June, second semester (II Course) starts in August and ends in November and the summer program (III Course) is offered in January and February. For more details check the Registration and Information Office calendar at or in the Office of Student Affairs at
When do semesters start and end at the UCR in 2014?
In 2014 the first course goes from Monday, March 10 to July 5. The second course starts on August 11 and ends on November 29 and the third course will be from January 5, 2015 to February 28, 2015.
Can you get a bachelor's degree at the UCR if your are coming from another university?
It was possible many years ago. Currently, if you attended another university for your diploma, you must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and apply to enter a major. Once registered in the corresponding school you may apply for the validation of courses and complete the curriculum to obtain the bachelor's degree.
Where is the phone list of the UCR?
You can search our directory in the home page typing a keyword in the search menu and you will get several results. Our telephone numbers have the prefix 2511.
Does the UCR offer language lessons for people who are not regular students of this university?
The School of Modern Languages teaches several languages like English, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, German and Mandarin Chinese through an extension program. Costs, schedules and registration details can be found at the Conversational Courses link.
Does the UCR offer Spanish courses for foreigners?
Yes, the School of Philology, Linguistics, and Literature offers a Spanish course for people who need to improve their Spanish reading, writing and conversational skills. For further information go to
Where can I find information about courses and associate degrees offered by the UCR?
In this section of our website you may find a list of the courses and associate degrees offered by the UCR and contact information to register.
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