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Guiding Principles

Seven principles guide the work of the University, as provided in Article 4 of the Institution’s Organic Statute.

1. Right to higher education: to favour the right to higher education to the citizens of the country within the framework of the institutional normative.

2. Academic excellence and equal opportunities: to ensure academic excellence in the programs offered by the institution, on a plane of equal opportunities and without discrimination of any kind

3. Academic Freedom: to guarantee academic freedom as a principle of university education, entitling faculty members full freedom to express their philosophical, religious and political convictions.

4. Respect for diversity of ethnicities and cultures: to recognize the multiethnic and multicultural character of Costa Rican society, promoting respect for the diversity of cultural traditions, lifestyles and cultural-historical heritage.

5. Respect for people and for freedom of speech: to ensure, within the university, dialogue and free expression of ideas and opinions as well as the coexistence of different worldviews and schools of thought, with no other limitation than mutual respect.

6. Commitment to the environment: to promote the improvement of the human-environment relationship and the knowledge, respect, conservation and sustainable use of environmental resources, as well as a better environment quality.

7. Planned university action: to develop a planned university action towards continuous improvement that contributes to raise human development and the quality of life of the country’s inhabitants.

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