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Organizational Structure

The structure of the University of Costa Rica integrates its different working areas, pursuing a democratic participation in the decision making process, through the representation of the university community in its governing and administrative bodies.

University Assembly

The University Assembly is the University’s senior governing body, and exercises final authority over the Institution. It is formed by two bodies: the
Plebiscitary Assembly and the Collegiate Representative Assembly.

University Council

The University Council is composed of twelve members, seven of whom are appointed by the Plebiscitary Assembly representing the University’s academic affairs; the Minister of Public Education, the Rector of the University, two student representatives, one administrative staff representative and one representative from the Federation of University Professionals Associations. This body is responsible for establishing the Institution’s general policies and supervising its operation, among other duties.


The University’s executive bodies are led by the Rector, who is democratically elected for a four-year period and exercises the institution’s legal representation. The Rector is also responsible for the guidance, direction and evaluation of the Institution’s activities, supported by five Vice Rectories: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Research, Outreach and Administrative Affairs.

The Rector’s Office receives support from other University’s offices and centers such as the University Planning Office, the Investment Planning Office, the Office of Legal Affairs, the Office of International Affairs and External Cooperation, the Office of Communication and Information, and the Information Technology Center.

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