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Build academic excellence by developing and constantly cultivating a culture of quality, with close links between teaching, social action and research, and through the implementation of undergraduate and postgraduate study plans at all its university campuses, generation of innovative degree programs, continuous improvement, and preparation of highly qualified academic and administrative personnel, in order to appropriately address the needs of Costa Rican society and foster its leadership in the evolution of national education.

Foster the interdisciplinary generation of innovative social, cultural, technological and scientific knowledge in all the University’s divisions and become active in international academic networks, based on reciprocal recognition, respect and shared benefits, with the aim of strengthening academic culture.

Promote integration, partnering, social commitment, cooperation, solidary relations, dissemination of university pursuits and innovative opportunities for transferring and sharing newly generated knowledge between the University and society at large.

Promote democratic access to higher education through programs that foster equity and social inclusion and, at the same time, undertake initiatives to strengthen support services for the student population in order to make it possible for students to stay and successfully complete their studies at the University.

Foster solidary internationalization through the development of academic networks and the mobility of teachers, students and administrative staff.

Update university management platforms and mechanisms, ensuring environmental sustainability, technological leadership and modern physical infrastructure, in order to strengthen its relevance, efficiency and accountability.

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