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Bicycle Parking at the UCR

Finding a place to park a bicycle at the University of Costa Rica had become a problem for cyclists. With the installation of nine bicycle parking racks around the Rodrigo Facio campus, cyclists now have suitable spots to park their bikes.

The project was developed as part of the Plan for Improving Mobility and Transportation on the University Campus fostered by the Vice President of Administrative Affairs (VRA) through the Office of General Services (OGS) and other UCR departments.

Architect Lucía Riba Hernández, the OGS’s environmental manager, explained that the plan included the creation of infrastructure so that people could walk, run or ride bicycles on campus. This meant making a decision to equip the Rodrigo Facio campus with bicycle racks.

“Since there was no infrastructure that met the conditions or requirements for bicycle parking, we were overlooking some people who may have been motivated to use bicycles more or even start using them but didn’t because they didn’t have the conditions for doing so,” noted Riba.

A study by Psychology and Environment students Ana Catalina Cubero Hernández and Carolina Ramírez Matamoros determined which sites were used the most for parking bicycles on campus.  The first stage of parking rack construction, then, was based on the data from this study.

In addition, the location of the parking racks took into account such aspects as proximity, security and protection from the weather whenever these requirements could be met.

The selected parking rack model is very secure as it lets you lock both the frame and the tire. In addition, the racks use stainless steel tubing, so they are low maintenance and can handle the weather adequately.

To achieve a quality product, several modifications were made during the process, according to Sofia Martorelli Esquivel, coordinator of the Design and Supervision Department for OGS works.

“The project was modified during the process because the foundations we had proposed turned out to be very feeble when they were finally poured. So the contractor had to reinforce them, and now they are very solid,” Martorelli stressed.

This first stage has served as a pilot plan and is turning out to be a success, so parking racks are already being planned for installation at other spots around the university.


Bicycle parking racks can be found at:

1. Administration Building A
2. Architecture
3. Engineering
4. Social Sciences
5. Physics and Math
6. Carlos Monge Library
7. Education
8. Microbiology
9. General Services Office


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