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Social Outreach

Social action is the essential area that integrates and permanently provides feedback to the University in its relation to the national and the international community, making the institutional capacity available to these communities in order to accomplish, all together, the transformations required to improve the country’s quality of life.  

Through cultural extension, teaching outreach and applied research, the University of Costa Rica reaches the communities and supports, through training and knowledge sharing, the creative, productive, and linkages with the society that has supported it.

Social action in the UCR is represented, among other projects, by millions of hours in community work done by the students, by cultural performances that reach many remote areas of the country, by the education to elderly groups, by taking care of and educating children in day-care centers, by dentistry, nutrition and psychology clinics and by all the information provided, for decades, by the university media.

Social action is understood as the alliance established by the academy with the society so that, together, they can create programs aimed towards giving a new sense to social life while changing, in turn, the social reality.

Likewise, there is an ethical link between the University and the community, where both are dialectically integrated and provide feedback to each other based on the joint construction of knowledge encouragement of greater inclusion, justice, and solidarity.

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