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International Affairs
8 oct 2010

International Affairs

Since its founding, and especially during the first few of its more than seven decades, the University of Costa Rica has benefitted from international cooperation through agreements with prestigious universities around the world.  Today its Office of International Affairs and External …

Noticias UCR

8 oct 2010

Resources and Services for Students

The University of Costa Rica offers the students a wide variety of services and resources. Through these services, the University seeks to complement the student’s formation process, development and …

8 oct 2010

UCR for everyone

In accordance with the University of Costa Rica’s principles and continuing with its pioneer and visionary work in all fields of knowledge, the UCR has been known for its tolerance towards the various …

8 oct 2010

Artistic groups

The University of Costa Rica promotes a wide variety of groups in diverse areas of artistic expression, such as dance, music, visual arts, and theater, extended to different university campuses and …

8 oct 2010

UCR in Figures

The University of Costa Rica has demonstrated through facts and figures why it has been the leading higher education institution in Costa Rica and Latin America, internationally recognized for its …

8 oct 2010

Office of Orientation

The Office of Orientation, part of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs, accompanies the students during their admission process, their first year, their permanence and graduation from the University …

6 oct 2010

Iconic Places

As any other city, the Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, with over 70 hectares, has been creating, along its 50 years, characteristic buildings and places which history has turned into points of …


Conferencia: Epistemological Ambivalence

Plataforma Zoom: ID: 873 91115 3297 Passcode: CILEM
Martes 22 de junio, 9:00 a. m.

Invitación: Clase abierta: La cultura racista en Costa Rica y Estados Unidos: …

Vía Zoom: ID de reunión: 897 9754 9588 Código de acceso: 121993
Martes 22 de junio, 1:00 p. m.

Conferencia: On the epistmology of logic

Plataforma Zoom: ID: 873 91115 3297 Passcode: CILEM
Martes 22 de junio, 2:00 p. m.

Conferencia: On speaker expectations of her audience: the case of telling

Plataforma Zoom: ID 873 91115 3297 Passcode: CILEM
Martes 22 de junio, 3:40 p. m.
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