Universidad de Costa Rica

Office of Orientation

The Office of Orientation, part of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs, accompanies the students during their admission process, their first year, their permanence and graduation from the University of Costa Rica.

This office seeks to create growth opportunities for the students through projects and services according to their needs, in coordination with the Academic Units and other offices of the Vice Rectory of Student Affairs.

The four main working areas of the Office of Orientation are: Accessibility, Personal Development, Academic Development and Occupational Development. Through these areas, the Office of Orientation seeks accessibility and the strengthening of personal, academic, vocational and occupational potentialities of the student population.

For more information on the Office of Orientation and its services call 2511-1970 or visit its facilities located  by the north side of the main campus Dining Center and at different locations throughout Rodrigo Facio Campus, in San Pedro (see map yellow markers), as well as at the offices located in the Regional Campuses and Branch Campuses of the University.

Operating Units of the Office of Orientation
The Office of Orientation is organized under a decentralized work model which has four operating units: CASE, COVO, CASED y CIU.