Universidad de Costa Rica

Chair Programs

The chair programs affiliated to the Vice Presidency of Teaching Affairs of the University of Costa Rica are open university spaces to develop academic activities where the university community, the civil society, centers and institutes, non-governmental organizations, national and foreign institutions participate and interact.

Currently, the University of Costa Rica has 27 chair programs that promote the discussion, reflection, and analysis of information in its national, regional, or global context and that disseminate knowledge and innovations with inter-, trans-, and multidisciplinary approaches.

In 1980 and 1981, the University opened its first chairs at the Vice Presidency of Teaching Affairs: the Emma Gamboa Chair and the Eugenio Fonseca Tortós Chair, respectively. A few years later, in 1986, the Institution officially decided to create chairs in teaching. Since then, new excellence, institutional, thematic, and international academic chairs have been established. These categories are described below:



Cátedra Año de creación
1 Cátedra Emma Gamboa 1980
2 Cátedra Dr. Eugenio Fonseca Tortós 1981
3 Cátedra Dr. Clodomiro Picado Twight 1986
4 Cátedra José Figueres Ferrer 1990
5 Cátedra Julián Volio Llorente 1993
6 Cátedra Dr. Antonio Peña Chavarría 1993
7 Cátedra Rafael Lucas Rodríguez Caballero 1997
8 Cátedra Enrique Macaya Lahmann 1997
9 Cátedra Herman Vargas Martínez 1997
10 Cátedra José Julián Martí 2000
11 Cátedra Armando Aráuz Aguilar 2002
12 Cátedra Dr. Rodrigo Loría Cortés 2002
13 Cátedra Dr. Gabriel Dengo Obregón 2003
14 Cátedra Lucem Aspicio 2004
15 Cátedra Simón Bolívar 2004
16 Cátedra María Eugenia Dengo Obregón 2006
17 Cátedra Temática: Innovación y desarrollo empresarial 2007
18 Cátedra Temática: Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento 2007
19 Cátedra Nelly Kopper Dodero 2008
20 Cátedra “Ibn Khaldun” 2008
21 Cátedra UNESCO-Temática: Transdisciplinariedad, Complejidad y Ecoformación 2010
22 Cátedra Temática: Seguridad y Convivencia Democrática 2011
23 Cátedra Rodrigo Carazo Odio 2012
24 Cátedra Sara Astica 2013
25 Cátedra de Estudios de Corea y el Este Asiático 2013
26 Cátedra de Estudios de África y el Caribe 2013
27 Cátedra Wilhelm y Alexander Von Humboldt en Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales 2013


For more information on these chairs, call the Vice Presidency of Teaching Affairs at (506) 2511-1150 of the Main Switchboard or at (506) 2511-1230 of the Communications Department, or write to docencia@ucr.ac.cr.