Universidad de Costa Rica

UCR for everyone

In accordance with the University of Costa Rica’s principles and continuing with its pioneer and visionary work in all fields of knowledge, the UCR has been known for its tolerance towards the various social manifestations, for the impetus given to the environmental conservation and the commitment to gender equity.

As of 2013, the UCR campus is smoke-free, and in 2012 the University Board published a statement establishing that the institution is discrimination free. Inclusive language is always used in official documents.

Since 2006, the World Environment Day (June 5) is celebrated at the university as a car free day in which the use of conventional cars is restricted to zero emission vehicles. Additionally, recreational and environmental education activities are carried out.     

Recently, in accordance with the commitment to environmental improvement in all its dimensions, the institution built a multi-level parking lot in the Research Campus in order to reduce the number of cars at the main campus. This allows the use of bicycles and offers people the possibility to walk or practice sports around the main university campus. Also, bio-healthy parks were built and physical activity has been promoted through campaigns among students, professors and administrative personnel who spend most of their time at the university.

Accessibility on Campus

The UCR seeks accessibility to infrastructure and transportation providing the university community with disabilities an appropriate and comfortable place for them to develop their academic, employment and recreational activities. This always under a social and human rights approach in accordance with Law No. 7600: Act for Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities.

The university also has institutions and programs that ensure an accessible and inclusive university environment and encourage greater awareness among the university population on the rights for people with disabilities, the need for equal opportunities, access and participation. An example of this equity policy is the possibility for applicants to perform the Academic Aptitude Test with adequacy to enter the university. This test is performed by the Institute for Psychological Research and it is applied only to those who request it.