Universidad de Costa Rica

Artistic groups by area

The Universidad de Costa Rica encourages a great diversity of companies (groups) from several artistic fields, including dance, music, plastic arts and theater, which perform in different university campuses and communities in the country. These companies are attached to structures like the Students Life Area and the Social Outreach Area. .

The so-called ‘Grupos de Representación Universitaria’ are those which manage their own agenda and are supported by the university in the development of their projects and their daily activities. These companies are directed by professionals in their own field, assuring the artistic training of the students, who additionally benefit from a scholarship which discharge them from the payment the annual university fees.

The Universidad also relies on ‘Cultural Promotion’ and ‘Free Areas’ projects which allow the student community and the general public, depending on each specific case, to be exposed to different artistic practices, contributing to the integral formation of the institution’s personnel (interns) and of the citizens.